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This was unique because as the author describes his eyes he is also foreshadowing something between Liesel and Hans.

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The author,Markus Zusaks used many beautiful description and irony to hook my attention on the story.On the first 46 pages of the book, I discovered a possible irony of the story that made the book very interesting to me.

The face of her brother and mother keep appearing in her dream.To me, Death only has a few emotions which he displays subtley and I think those emotions are mostly brought out by Leisel.The fact that he mentioned that the sky is gray, could possibly foreshadow that something depressing may happen in the near future, or that it is already happening.However this also represent the social problem in our lives too.In it, he states that he likes the idea that every page of a book can have a gem on it.

Also I really like how he uses his words in his short description of Himmel Street.For example, when shes with her dad shes seems happy verse when shes with her mom.

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In addition to the conversational words used by Zusak, unusual puntuation sets this passage apart.In the first chapter a short passage that stuck out the most for me was the short description of Himmel Street.We know that Death lives outside of human space and time, and he describes events occurring in skies and colours.As for my prediction on what will happen later on in the book, I think that Liesel will rebel against the Nazi party and she will be severely punished for this or even killed.

I enjoy reading the story between Liesel and her foster parent.

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At first the book was a bit confusing but it eventually all made sense.I think she could know more about her mother in the later part.The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Is it because of the poetic style of the considerations on the power of words.I found many aspects of this book to be quite interesting, particularly the fact that the book is narrated by death.

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Anyways from what I have read I find this book to be a very interesting and look forward to reading more.This writing style caught my intention and made me fall into the book.I think the idea of Rosa becoming jealous of the relationship between the other two is a very interesting idea, and I feel like that may definitely become a stronger issue in the story later on.

I think that Hans and Liesel will develop a strong relationship and Rosa will become jealous of this.

In writing this novel, Markus Zusak did something extraordinary.

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Posts about Markus Zusak written by Camryn. The Writing Crafter. Menu. A-Z Book Reviews.This assumption leads me to the prediction that the accordion will be taken or destroyed.The Book Thief - Markus Zusak The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Publisher: Alfred A.

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Markus Zusak interview: A conversation with Markus Zusak about The Book Thief - a story about, among other things: A girl, some words, an accordionist, some fanatical.I love how fluid the writing is and how descriptive without bogging down the meaning or the story.BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak AUTHOR BIO: PLOT SUMMARY: WRITING STYLE: Discuss narration style (omniscient narration voice of Death): Discuss the use of Death as narrator.

Actually she would start to realize the world is full filled with many little pieces of happiness and joy.Markus Zusak was born in 1975 and is the author of five books, including the international bestseller, The Book Thief, which is translated into.The separate lines preceded by indents serve to emphasize the simplicity of each statement and create an aside.In THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak, the writing style is almost.However, it is appriciable that Hans never leaves Liesel alone in the darkness.In addition, it seems as though, if death was put in the same situation that death would not be capable of handling it like the woman.Maybe i am misreading some where that is sad what race leslie is, but i am assuming she is jewish because of her adoption and being on the train with all the other people.In my prediction of future events, Liesel may learn how to read and eventually start to write her own story.

Since, written in the view of death, readers are provided with some foreshadow of future events, where death encounters Liesel.The first thing that stuck out the most of me was that Liesel discovered her brother died on the train.I would be so glad if my father or mother comes to my room and tell me stories until I fall asleep nowadays.

Here, Zusak implements such a beautifully realistic supplement of culture within the distressed German family.When she and nightmare, the father would always be there and comfort her until she falls asleep again.I must agree with JuanDS and D Jiang with the hidden irony and by having death narrating the story.

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He adds great depth to his characters by his discription of them and also the actions they do.However, this thing makes the story turns to a sad mood, and the most sad thing will not happen at beginning.Even though there is this openness of the book, the Markus does a good job setting the mood of depression.

He also engages us by not telling specifically who is the narrator.I think that Rosa Hubermann becoming jealous of their relationshp is a interesting idea.The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Sunday, April 6, 2014. This provides a great introduction to the descriptive writing style in which the story is expressed.His father was a house painter and in The Book Thief Zusak has Hans Hubermann as a house painter.I am eager to find out why Liesel collects books when she deprives the ability to read.The telling skills of the narrator made me feel like I was there with him upon the characters as I dreamt about it.Just his writing style alone is enough to get you hooked onto the book.

This conclusion had a lot to do with the way his parents raised him.The story satisfied all my five senses through out the fascinating events after events.Today i brought this too my lit circle group, we all thought that maybe the narrator is her father or some kind of relative safeguarding leslie.For example, when Liesel was having hard time sleeping from her nightmares, Hans always came into the room, hold her in his arms, and stayed with her.Furthermore, death realizes the strength of humans and what they can endure.