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Home Blogs Topics Photos. sign in. Share your thoughts and. smiles general Clinton usa personal faith video inspirational previously-on-lost poem god movies.If you already have web server space of your own, you may simply be able to turn on a blogging plug in on.Length of posts: There is no hard and fast rule because it depends on the content, the quality, the message, and the audience.Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 229,021 times.When you write a blog, you are writing for two audiences: people and search engines.

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Another good one is WordPress.com. WordPress is very search engine friendly too and has the advantage of offering a wide variety of templates, plug-ins, and free online training.Be Savvy: Think about what you want to say before you write it.Any ideas how to write a good essay on political instability.Blogs are like friends, there are two kinds: the free kind and the kind you pay for.Before worrying about how or where to blog, start posting more content to Quora.His thoughts upon deception, the nature of the state, the need for a leader to avoid.This article is an overview of what a good blogger practices.

For example, unless you have an amazing knack, readers are less enthused by a blog that combines political opinions, recipes, an examination of existential angst literature, your latest movie reviews, and how to sew clothes for kids all in the one blog.Your organization is gaining presence on the political arena, but not fast enough.

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If your political blog is getting a few thousand hits a day, you are doing well.

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On most big video sites ie: Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. there are sections for embedding on websites.Search engines can be so unpredictable in what shows up in search results, but what can you do about it.A sense of humor and humility are always important for a good blogger.Your readers will soon grow to know, appreciate, and expect your writing style.

The basics of main importance to grasp include copyright, trademarks, defamation, and illegality.Another potential minefield is trusting one research source without backing it up with another one - basically, adding hearsay upon hearsay.Connect your social media accounts: If you have readers on your blog, make sure they can see you are on Facebook and can follow you on Twitter.To get a political blog with clout, one that people respect and quote is another thing.

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The following example cause and effect essay about political instability will.

In most languages, writing is a complement to speech or spoken.It discusses key elements of a high quality editorial and provides tips for aspiring journalists and.Certainly, a lot has been written about brevity being important but so is getting the full picture where this is warranted.This is my first attempt at a political blog, and it has quickly become clear to me that it is probably a bad idea.

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Plan in advance so that you can make the most of the linkages.Now and then we discuss specific communication techniques on People, Spaces, Deliberation that are essential to bringing about change, and in particular, governance.

Politics is one of my big interests, and the topic obviously has a.

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And as an advantage it talks well with Google—since Google owns it.

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If we want to prepare our students to think critically and argue well, they need to be able to blog.An obvious exception is spamming or flaming, in which case, either remove the comment (spam) as soon as possible, or let it stand on its own lack of merits ( flaming ) unless you have a witty and kind response.

Politics Blogs. Topics:. Paula Revere Press is the site for Breaking Political News.Read what the best bloggers have to say about their experiences of blogging and their advice to new bloggers.

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A political essay deals with political or governmental issues.

The exception is for instructional sites that put themselves out into the blogosphere with a cadre of writers writing across different fields.Reader and writer burnout is a real issue when you over-post, so think through carefully what works best for you.