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One of the major flaws of CRM systems includes their lack of adaptability to different cultures.Journal of Management and Marketing Research Effective Customer Relationship Management, Page 1 Effective customer relationship management of health care.JOURNAL OF GOOD GOVERNANCE AND. manage your interaction with your customer base.Customer Experience Sales Marketing Customer Service Employee Engagement.ABSTRACT Customer Relationship Management. describe open source CRM systems to assess their capabilities,.The paper will then continue to discuss the challenges posed by the customer relationship management system and the social implications of its use with specific emphasis upon privacy issues.Thus, because Salesforce CRM is an easy-to-use system, users were able to adapt to the new technology easily and within a short period of time.Thus, the customer relationship management system provides information to remote staff regarding customer needs in order to enable them to meet them more adequately (Jayachandran et al, 2005).


Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions.The company can also use it as a marketing tool in order to inform customers of new products based upon their recent purchases.Dell significantly benefitted from the use of the system and the system proved to be cost-effective, efficient, and highly beneficial in increasing the revenue of the company.Thus, the system helps the sales force of the firm perform their job more effectively and also provides the suppliers of the business information regarding customer preferences and the products in highest demand amongst different target groups.This article examines Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, from the perspective of strategy formulation and implementation.If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it.While many customers are now accustomed to buying products online, other customers are still highly wary of using such systems and exposing personal information on such websites.

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Customer Relationship management (CRM) oriented knowledge management focus on customer knowledge more valuable to the company.While the initial installation and provision of training for the system was expensive, the system aided Dell in collaborating with both employees and customers and enabled the company to devise its own technology.Subscribe Enter your email address below to receive helpful student articles and tips.Field service is a function that allows remote staff to quickly and effectively communicate with the customer service personnel to meet individual needs.

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Additionally, customers must attempt to adapt the system to suit people of different cultures and nationalities in order to make the system suitable for use by all.Therefore, the customer relationship management system provides information for several parties involved in the business process and thus integrates the use of technology with people in order to improve and enhance business processes.Therefore, customers are now able to access reliable, accurate, and vital information regarding the products and services that they have used with the click of a mouse (Bose, 2002).Customer relationship management (CRM) as a strategy and as a technology has gone through an amazing evolutionary journey.

The company has been able to use vital customer feedback in order to design desktops and consumer notebooks and also left Windows XP as a pre-installed operating system in the computers because of customer demand.While the company aimed to find a solution themselves, it was proving to be highly expensive.

Thus, the use of SalesForce CRM integrated various departments within the organisation and also allowed the organization to communicate with other organizations using the same interface (Dell Case Study, 2011).

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Statistics show that 51% of shoppers are highly concerned about privacy online and 48% refrain from shopping online because of privacy issues (Lecture 3).Customer Segmentation in Customer Relationship Management Based 289 on Data Mining base of how to maximize the value of customer.

A case study of Dell will be provided further in the paper in order to illustrate the applicable concepts mentioned.However, while the use of customer relationship management systems provides extensive advantages to a contemporary business, there are still challenges involved in the use of these systems.Challenges of Customer Relationship Management Systems and Social Implications of their Use.

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The company solved several of its problems using the customer relationship management system which included communicating with approximately 3 million customers everyday and also collaborating with 80,000 employees worldwide.

This is one of the main reasons that customer relationship management systems are becoming highly popular amongst firms.In the light of this context, this paper attempts to investigate the impact of implementing Customer Relationship.

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Other challenges posed by the use of customer relationship management systems include the lack of appropriate executive support as some customers feel that they do not receive adequate service online while some business executives also feel that these systems are not satisfactory for use in organizations and refrain from using them.

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Thus, managers recorded customer complaints in registers and attempted to resolve them eventually, while this process often resulted in delays over months.

The use of the system enabled the company to extract the top ideas for innovation and better understand what customers were looking forward to by gathering and processing customer feedback on the system.The technology implemented in the customer relationship management systems enabled the company to track main technological trends and develop products accordingly (Dell Case Study, 2011).Additionally, many firms lack rationale when they decide to use customer relationship management systems (Ang, 2011).Other functions of the system include customer service and support systems, which enable customers to track their orders, monitor their requests, and enables managers to reply to customer queries promptly thus aiding both customer service personnel and customers to fulfil their functions with ease.